About Us

Innovators in mobile technology and development

About our company

Innovators in mobile technology and development

A little informations about us

Recycled Talent started out as a hobby, but quickly grew into a successful business. Starting in 1999, we saw a need that was being sorely neglected. We took that need and filled it. We quickly became a leader in our field and soon started setting the standards as to how things were done. Several years later, we are once again filling that need for businesses and personal use alike.

The Need

All too often, businesses and individuals alike want to get in on the latest and greatest technologies but don't know how and where to start? We know how to make that possible. Do you need a simple mobile application that tells your customers about your business or perhaps a more complicated application that connects back to your servers and keeps you in contact with your customers? Recycled Talent can make that happen for you. Contact us today qnd lets get started.